YouTube Video Effects™

Improves YouTube Experience

What can it do?

The must-have extension to improve YouTube experience with video effects, color filters, audio enhancement and many other valuable features.

More Feature


Effects and Filters

We bring to you more than 50 amazing effects to apply to YouTube. You will be able to enjoy it much more than before.

Audio Enhancer

With audio enhancer, you can improve YouTube audio quality without any additional software.

Auto HD

Let it pick HD quality automatically: 8K, 5K, 4K, 2K, FullHD, HD etc. You no longer need to do it manually.

Black Bars Removal

The black bars around video will reduce your experience. YouTube Video Effects™ will help you remove them.

Infinity Mode

Your video content will fit to browser size. Your YouTube experience will get more interesting.


YouTube Video Effects™ will block all annoying ads. Just let you enjoy interesting video contents you want.

Subtitle Enhancer

Improve subtitle for YouTube with font changer, color changer etc. You also can search lyrics for famous songs.

Other Features

Loop specific video, auto play/pause, picture in picture, turn light off, dark mode and many other valuable features.


How to use?

From Popup

Click on extension icon to display the popup. You can: select video effects/filters, use audio enhancement, turn on/off dark mode.

Advanced Option

From popup, click on menubar (three dots) to go to Advanced Options. You can use many useful features here.

advanced option for YouTube Video Effects


The sharpen filter is a nice option especially if you have tried to watch some of the videos out there that have screen details as part of the video and they are just about unreadable - this little extension will help.

YouTube Video Filters™ for Chrome is a nifty browser addon that could breathe new life into the YouTube clips you are watching.

YouTube Video Effects™ is a useful extension for Chrome and Firefox that adds filters and other tweaks to the video hosting site.

Puede ser de gran utilidad para los usuarios habituales de este portal streaming de vídeos, ya que ofrece un buen número de opciones adicionales que podemos probar.

YouTube Video Effects™ для Chrome - это простой вариант, который позволяет вам улучшить внешний вид вашего YouTube.

YouTube Video Effects™ for Chrome si utilizza quindi molto facilmente e l’estensione è disponibile al download gratuito.

Youtube Video Effects™ to rozszerzenie zwiększające i ulepszające funkcjonalność serwisu YouTube.

You will not see the annoying black space around video anymore.

Youtube Video Effects™ è provvisto anche di un equalizzatore audio incorporato con il quale è possibile regolare il suono dei video (anche aumentarlo fino a 12 dB in più)

Đây là phần thú vị nhất của extension này. Khi đang xem một video, bạn có thể bấm vào biểu tượng Youtube Video Effects™ và chọn một trong rất nhiều hiệu ứng để có một trải nghiệm video mới lạ hơn.

إضافة Youtube Video Effects™ عبارة عن ملحق مجاني لمتصفح جوجل كروم و فايرفوكس تستطيع من خلاله تطبيق مجموعة من المؤثرات اللونية على فيديوهات اليوتوب في الوقت الحقيقي أي أثناء المشاهدة، ليس هذا فحسب بل بإمكانك أيضا تحسين جودة الصوت وتحويل موقع اليوتوب إلى اللون الأسود بنقرة زر.


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